I Live in a Bubble and I Like It.

Thea Williams Scalco
4 min readOct 6, 2021

Transcending today’s travesty.

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For the most part, I don’t watch the news. After decades of being on this planet, I figured it out- there ain’t nothing GOOD on there!

I am very aware of the major doom and gloom news stories. I am also aware that I have absolutely no control of them. I can live in that world of chaos if I choose to or I can live in my own bubble.

I love bubbles. I always have. I have many fond memories of blowing bubbles into the wind. A small container of soapy water with a plastic wand is a poor man’s rainbow in a bottle. For 10 cents you can have an hour of delight and wonder.

In this wobbly world, I have learned to create my own bubbles. I do this by surrounding myself with the things I love. I don’t own much, but that is not what matters. What counts is the way my possessions make me feel.

I am continuously throwing things out or donating items to thrift stores. Too much clutter drives me absolutely nuts. What I mean by clutter is “those things that drain you”

Everything transmits energy, speaks a message. Those clothes that you are saving for when you lose weight are actually screaming “Hey Fatso when are you going to be able to put us on?”

“Your family is broken. Your marriage is over” weeps from an old photo album you have in the closet. Get rid of the unconscious voices in your head by eliminating the things that draw you back to days long gone.

Now listen, I am far from a neat freak. I enjoy stuff-cool stuff. In fact, a spotless home puts me on edge. I mean who LIVES there? A home is meant to express the breath of life and the calm of comfort. I couldn’t possibly relax in a home that doesn’t have a piece of mail or magazines in sight.

I was in a home like that once and I couldn’t wait to leave, I sensed there was a crazed woman peeking from behind the drapes waiting for me to FUCK UP.

I couldn’t handle that kind of stress. I was in my 20's and already experienced a great deal of chaos, but now life was good. I had recently created a new bubble of bliss for myself. Jill, my coworker, however, was living in hell. I wonder if she was even aware of it?

She seemed like a well balanced young lady. We enjoyed after-hour cocktails and had a lot of laughs but after being in her parent’s home, I was second guessing her state of mind. No child could possibly be happy living in a sterile environment.

I felt Jill must have been deeply wounded from living with people that hadn’t allowed her to wildly scribble with a box of Crayolas. I was sure her mother gave her one crayon at a time then neatly placed it back in the box before giving her another.

I Was Right- She Cracked.

Years passed. Jill ended up getting silicone breast implants that eventually busted, an abusive boyfriend and attempted to steal my job while I was on maternity leave.

It was insane! When I went back to work, multiple coworkers and customers were eager to tell me that Jill had been bad mouthing me while I was gone. They were just as shocked as I was.

“I thought you two were friends”, I often heard.

“Yeah, so did I”, I would disappointingly reply.

Turns out Jill found out how much money I was making and wanted my position. What a better time to swoop in and take over while I was at home with my newborn.

I never let on to Jill that I knew. Instead I was happy to discover I had real friends at the job that were looking out for me. Obviously our after work cocktails never resumed.

Sure I was hurt by Jill’s actions but I had better things to place my attention on. I had a beautiful new baby boy who was filling my cup. I wasn’t going to allow Jill’s betrayal to steal the love that was radiating from my heart. She was not going to burst my bubble.

Forgiving Jill was easy. I knew without a doubt; her mother never let her have a messy bottle of bubbles. She wanted what I had-a gallon sized jug of joy!!

I have a lot of compassion for others. I know things are tough. I myself have rough days but I understand I am solely responsible for creating my own joy. No one can give it to me. No one can take it away, unless I let them.

This isn’t new wisdom. We know this but we let it happen all the time. For instance if I open my social media pages or emails first thing in the morning, my day can pretty much suck. I get drawn into the drama, the worry, the fear. Then I am annoyed at myself for allowing it to happen.

When I start my day with meditation and decrees, I can turn my day into a Shangri-la. I compose my bubble of bliss. I then make a conscious choice to walk in this translucent magical sphere the rest of the day. Everyone loves bubbles, and soon they want to join in on my party.

This is not living in denial. This is living in Alchemy.

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