How Digging a Hole Can Make You Money.

Thea Williams Scalco
4 min readOct 18, 2021

You are planting seeds everyday. Why not prosper from it?

If you can dig a hole, you can plant a seed, and you shall prosper!

After you dig the hole, you must plant a seed. The seed germinates and sprouts. This is what writers do everyday. Writers are farmers, planting seeds of ideas and theories. Writers sow stories that inspire, teach and bring hope.

It is not a surprise since we all were once seeds, that we would innately desire to plant more seeds. (Hu)Man loves to produce!

This does not mean we must procreate, but we must create. Just watch a child make a castle out of sand or a drum set out of pots and pans. The child has a yearning to fulfill and will find a way, if allowed to explore their environment.

That brings me to our current environment.

We watched the great innovators of yesterday, such as the Wright Brothers, turn into the counterproductive Kardashian sisters of today. OH MY!

We have a world of information at our fingertips, and instead of children building rockets out of empty toilet paper rolls, they are building brick walls with Minecraft.

Much of society is lost, throwing their seeds to the wind, not knowing where they will land or how they will bud.

Clearly, the world begs for you -the dreamers, the prophets, the producers of prose. You- the counselors, the mentors, the cultivators.

That is why you publish your stories! You desire to plant your seeds of wisdom. You blossom when you share the human experience. I say it is time to take it further. Teach online!

We Have the Technology!

Also in our new environment is the Internet; a tool to help us reach the world.

Never doubt that you have something to offer. You’d be surprised how many people do not know how to dig a proper hole!

I once worked as a Kitchen and Bath Designer. I started out decades ago using pencil, drafting paper and an architect ruler scale. Now it is all done with computer software. Like all software, there are varying degrees of capabilities but trust me, you can easily find a K&B design program online and do it yourself. If you have a measuring tape and know how to read a ruler, all you need to do is plug the numbers into the system.

One night, while sitting with my manager, I said, “I don’t understand why people come to us to do this for them. They can easily do it themselves and save a lot of money.”

She replied, “Because some people cannot punch their way out of a paper bag!”

I had to assume she was right because all my friends can!

But her response gave me some insight.

1. We underestimate our intelligence

2. Other people value our knowledge

3. We are worthy of receiving monetary compensation for the crops we harvest.

4. We can increase our income by teaching others our SUPER powers!

A month later, I quit! I realized the company was making a fortune because of my skills, and they weren’t paying me enough!!

Where am I now? At the keyboard, of course, sharing my thoughts with you. And I am designing my first course.

What finally pushed me to create a course was the 3 FREE classes. These were the essential elements every SUCCESSFUL course needs. The first one really got my wheels spinning. It was all about the Dopamine push and how to make your course fun. People enjoy it and want more. This lowers the request for refunds and has your students begging for more. (Dopamine is addicting and the creators of video games know this!!)

DING, DING, DING, went the bell of IDEAS for me!

The replays are still available for 2 more days, so hurry and check em out. It costs nothing to register and get access.

I believe we come to this planet for 3 reasons:

1. To learn

2. To teach

3. To love.

I hope you LOVE what you do. I hope you embrace your wisdom and passions and decide to teach them. I hope you dig holes and plant seeds.

And by watching these Free mini courses you will LEARN how!

Much success to you!

Thea Williams Scalco, Ba. Msc, C.H.- lover of all things magical.

Author of The Real Us (and we’re not crazy)

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